DEOPROCE ® is a high-class South Korean cosmetics brand that actively participates in and contributes to innovation in the beauty industry. It focuses on the development and production of exclusive solutions to protect the skin, nourish it and slow down the aging process.

Soaked cotton masks " Color synergy" from Deoproce

Yellow-green – bamboo and cucumber

Pink – lotus and raspberry

Blue – collagen and algae extract

Green – aloe vera and green tea

Red – rose and pomegranate extract

Sky blue – extract of swallow’s nest and milk


1. Clean the face, open the package and carefully unfold the mask.
2. Place on the cleansed face and apply tightly to the skin.
3. Remove after 15-20 minutes or more.
4. Massage the remaining essence until completely absorbed.


Perfect care and hydration for your face and skin

Intensive moisturizing spray OLIVE, GREEN TEA or Q10, 100 ml

Excellent natural tonic for refreshing, restoring the purity and comfort of the face, restores fat balance. Improves the protective functions of the skin, tones, prevents wrinkles, makes the skin elastic, soft and fragrant. Lightweight and comfortable to carry in any handbag.

UV Defence Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ 70g

Sunscreen with high protection, matte, light color and anti-aging action.