The aesthetic brand THESERA – South Korea takes care of improving the main problems of the skin and its health. THESERA products are unparalleled in the world. They were created by the research team of MR Innovation – South Korea with the idea that beauty is achievable without pain and without needles.

THESERA offers special rejuvenating therapies.

THESERA is a high-quality cosmetics based on TDN technology – double encapsulated active ingredients in nano-sizes.

THESERA combines the power of cosmetics and medicine to keep skin healthy and beautiful.


  1. Lifting
  2. Tightening the pores
  3. Evening out the complexion
  4. Volume
  5. Improving elasticity

A short 30-minute program in six steps!

Professional therapy for healthier, firmer and younger skin.
Express lifting, brightening the complexion and solving a wide range of aesthetic problems.
Professional non-invasive needle-free carboxytherapy – modern highly effective therapy, based on a patented CO2 gel and mask-activator.
The mask delivers CO2 molecules to the skin using patented technology, without injection and without the use of expensive equipment.

Step 1: Professional washing foam 100 ml

Step 2: Peeling microtunnelling

Step 3: Hydrating ampoule with saline, ceramides and fullerenes

Step 4: Growth restoration cream with hydrogen microspheres

Step 5: Cream with a strong moisturizing effect, whitening and protective effect

Step 6: biocellulose mask


THESERA L - Soluble threads and TDN cell lifting system

Soluble threads and TDN technology, which lift and fill wrinkles around the eye contour, forehead and lips, were developed by the THESERA research team.

Work protocol:

STEP 1: TDN microtunnelling Epidermis Balance Foam 20 ml + Peelenser 2 ml
Opening of microscopic channels with TDN technology.

STEP 2: Soluble threads High Tension String + High Tension Serum 3 ml Absorption of nanofilaments.

STEP 3: Hydra Booster 20 ml
Stimulates blood circulation and supports the intake process
of skin ingredients.

STEP 4: Lifting gel High Tension Gel 5 ml
Fixes the threads in the skin and tightens facial lines.

STEP 5: Peptide nourishment High Tension Ampoule 12 ml
Nourishes the skin with a complex of peptides


THESERA Octa Climax Ampoule
Skin Recovery Program After Invasive Pro-
cedures applicable in salons and at home

Anti-aging ampoules with the best synergistic action of 8 tested high-performance active ingredients to solve 4 major skin problems – wide pores, dry skin, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Improves elasticity, reduces wrinkles, evens out the complexion, smoothes and moisturizes the skin without irritation.

Main active ingredients: salmon caviar extract, glutathione, oligopeptide-1, anemarena root extract, sh-polypeptide-13, tocopherol, acetyl-hexapeptide-8.

Contains 4 ampoules. x 2 ml


THESERA Growth Capsule Ampoule 20 treatments
Recovery program and volume

Facial skin restoration product, which consists of a set: ampoule 50 ml. and capsules with a complex of 500 million high-polymer peptides that work and improve the skin for 72 hours.

Set of ampoule catalyst 50 ml and 20 capsules with active substances extracted and stored by the method of lyophilization.

The main active ingredients of the ampoule are aqueous extract of rose sentifolia, grapefruit seed extract, olive extract, adenosine.

Main active ingredients of the capsules: hydrolyzed collagen, copper tripeptide-1, Saccharomyces Polypeptide, palmitoyl tripeptide -1, acetyl hexapeptide.


THESERA 7.2 Revital Cell Ampoule 30 ml
Skin revitalizing ampoule with 7 proven highly effective
ingredients and 2 patented technologies 30 ml

Penetration of double encapsulated nanoparticles into the skin within 72 hours. This stimulates the dermis and normalizes the skin regeneration cycle.

It’s time to remove the traces of time with Pink Energy.
7 tested ingredients fill the skin from the inside and give a quick effect.
2 patented technologies allow faster and deeper absorption of the active ingredients.


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